About Us

We have been voted as 'Best Local Online Store' in 2016 by TimeOut magazine!

We live, work and serve by the following principles:

  • Every single item on our website has to be tested and loved before we would consider offering it to you as an option to incorporate into your daily, active lifestyle.
  • They have to be beautiful, either in terms of their print or design and have to be of excellent quality. You will NOT find any of those flimsy sport bras with no support or see-through yoga pants here!
  • All items here are reasonable priced and within an affordable range. We believe that you CAN have it all; Beauty + Quality + Affordability and we are here to prove that it is possible through the products that we offer!
  • We are driven by the goal of inspiring more and more women to lead active and healthy lifestyles that every single cost saving opportunity that we encounter is passed back to you. We don't have famous celebrities endorsing our product, nor do we have fancy packaging or flashy marketing campaigns. But what we do have which we are proud to offer is good quality, beautiful products that are accessible to everyone.
  • Even our shipping fees are subsidized. We offer free shipping to anywhere within Malaysia. As for international shipping, we charge only USD5 per item for worldwide shipping, which includes a tracking code for you to check the progress of your order.