This Unassuming Apparel Will Be The Best Investment To Your Wardrobe


10 Reasons Why Printed Leggings Are WAYYY Better Than Plain Black Leggings

#1: You can wear any kind of underwear and your panty line will not show

Bold prints practically hide panty lines. The bolder the print, the better it will be at hiding your lines. Check out the unicorn pair below. Panty lines are practically non-existent!


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#2: You can show off your individuality

There will be times when we are feeling FIERCE and want to reflect our inner Beyoncé to the world. These days, there are so many wonderful brands of printed leggings to match the mood, personality and style of every woman.
In the case of Sophie below, she is a Cleopatra kinda girl!


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#3: You stand out

In the words of the beloved Dr. Seuss "Why fit in when you were born to stand out!"
Nuff said :)


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#4: You can choose designs that will make you look taller and slimmer

What is the one most important thing that printed leggings can do for you that plain black leggings can't?
Make you look taller and slimmer without looking boring in plain black.
In the Fighting Fish leggings below for example, vertical lines have been incorporated into the design to create a slimming and flattering look!


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#5: They make you feel happier

It's a fact. Fun prints in cheerful colours bring joy. They even motivate you to work out more often, which produces endorphins in your body, the hormones that make you feel happy. 
Playtime is more fun and even baby boy is happy in the photo below!


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#6: They are dressier and it is possible to wear them to the office, during weekends and even as evening wear

Depending on how you style your leggings (what tops you pair it with, your shoes, accessories and makeup) you can wear printed leggings for any occasion, everywhere.


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#7: Sweat marks are not visible with printed leggings

Even a supermodel like Christy Turlington can suffer from wardrobe calamities. She was spotted recently in pale grey leggings with a rather alarming sweat patch in a very unfortunate intimate area.
Busy printed leggings on the other hand, hide everything from sweat marks to uneven skin due to cellulite. You can do handstand splits with a big smile on your face knowing that you will never face such embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions with printed leggings on. 


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#8: They add fun and color to your life

Coffee dates with your mates have never been so vibrant - or insta-worthy!


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#9: Your friends can spot you from a mile away

Regardless of whether you are climbing outdoors at 30 meters above the ground or running in a marathon with 40,000 other participants, you will be hard to miss.
Pro-tip: Wear printed leggings to your next music festival and your friends will never lose you!


Featured beauty is @nadiahasbi on Instagram

#10: Support the arts!

Brands like Fit Rebel hire traditional batik artists to create the prints on their leggings. Proceeds from the sale of the leggings go back to the artists involved to support and preserve this traditional craft.