5 Styling Tips For Women Who Love Leggings

#1: For a glamorous evening look, wear your leggings with a crop top and just the right amount of bling. Take the classic route when it comes to footwear with black pumps.


#2: Throw on a fancy jacket to dress the leggings up.

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#3: A solid coloured peplum top over printed leggings are great must-haves for a chic look that is totally cool.

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#4: Balance out the proportions by wearing an oversized sweatshirt.

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#5: Throw on a denim jacket for a relaxed, easy-going outfit.

Who hasn't worn our favourite pair of leggings for something other than working out?

The whole idea behind the 'Seni by Fit Rebel' line of leggings was to create the world's most beautiful workout leggings to not only inspire women to workout more often, but to also offer a versatile line of leggings that a woman could wear seamlessly from day to night for any occasion.

The designs on the Seni By Fit Rebel leggings feature artwork that was hand drawn and painted by traditional batik artists of Malaysia. All the artworks were created using traditional batik painting techniques which combine the use of melted wax and fabric dye onto cloth. Proceeds from the sale of each pair go back to the artists involved to support and preserve this traditional craft.

Image 1: The artist in the midst of creating the batik artwork. 
Image 2: The finished product; leggings featuring the hand drawn and painted batik artwork.

Aside from their stunning designs, Seni by Fit Rebel leggings were made for you to move in. These leggings have been stress tested by yogis, dancers, aerial artist, runners and even martial artists, making them suitable for all types of active pursuits. They are created using a blend of high quality Lycra (spandex). The artwork was transferred onto the fabric via sublimation printing, so the colours will never fade. Best part of all? Despite the unique artwork and exceptional quality, these leggings are affordably priced, so that everyone can enjoy a pair of these gorgeous wearable art pieces!


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